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An engineer was engaged to represent us in dealing with the office/servery addition that has been proposed for the Ag. Hall. A letter was drafted and forwarded on to the Township requesting a re-review based on data that was collected regarding daily flows. Yesterday, I received a response from Scott McLeod, Chief Building Official, Clearview Township. Quote his words " The great news is that for the first time we are willing to consider the approval jurisdiction of the Ontario Building Code."

After our first review, we were told that we would have to get Ministry of Environment approval to move forward. We will continue to work with the engineering firm WSP in putting together the information that has been requested by the Clearview Building Department.

Other small projects were worked on as well while abiding by the new Health regulations such as:
  • renovating the women's washroom in the Ag Hall,
  • removing the old fence boards from the English/Western horse ring.
Each one will be finished once we are back to some sort of normal.
I would also like to commend those volunteers that kept the grounds looking so well maintained. Also thanks to the volunteers that looked after getting our winter storage facilities filled to the brim.

A committee was formed to put together ideas of how we could stay in the face of the public, for example the community had the opportunity to be part of a scavenger hunt, front yard displays, youth could submit drawings based on themes, also a competition for the high school students to design our cover for the next prize book. Another group put together educational videos which are available to view on our website or face book. Thank you Bill Keith for all your hours and expertise along with Garry Milne for putting these together.

Our Ambassadors, Grace Millsap and Larissa Walker both agreed to stay 'they can have a combined full year of events to take part in during their two year reign. Grace will have the opportunity to represent us at the CNE in 2021, regulations permitting.

We have been fortunate having today's technology to host our monthly meetings virtually. Even though there wasn't a lot of business to deal with, it was an opportunity to get together. If this was 50 years ago, things would have been at a stand still as technology was not what it is today.

Thanks to all my executive, directors, associates and volunteers for keeping a positive attitude during these times. As we monitor things over the next couple of months, keeping our volunteers safe and healthy is upper most in our minds.

We are looking forward to hopefully better things ahead.

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