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2016 Junior Ambassador's Message
Hello Everyone,
My name is Kole Walker and I am your Great Northern Exhibition Junior Ambassador for 2016/2017. This past few months has been amazing! The night of the competition was sure a busy one. I got up, straightened my tie, and started to say my speech. This was the first time I have ever spoken in front of so many people. I LOVED IT!! After all the speeches were said and done I was honoured to be chosen to represent the GNE as an ambassador, along with my Senior Ambassador and new friend Hannah Gardner. They even 'crowned' me with a new cowboy hat. Of course it didn't fit on my big head so some slight adjustments were made!

Hannah, myself, and Melissa (our chaperone extraordinaire) decided to kick the year off at the midway and go on some rides. It was such a great night and it was great to see so many people out enjoying the fair! After all the fun on the rides we walked over to the tractor pulls. We watched the pulls for a while and before I knew it, we were done out first day.

The next day was a busy and full Saturday of fun. We had the beef show where we handed out ribbons with Maureen and were able to take pictures with the showmen and their animals. The horse show was amazing too and we got to hand out ribbons to the winners of those competitions as well. Hannah got to ride on the wagon of the winning team of horses and of course we got lots of great pictures. We even visited the lawn tractor pulls! I tell you, for little tractors they are EXTREMELY LOUD. The horse pull was awesome. Those horses can sure pull a lot of weight! That night we got to start the truck pull. The stands were full of people out to enjoy the event! It was great weather and a jam packed day of events. I was so tired when I got home that night but we had a fantastic day!
Sunday, sadly, was the final day of the GNE for 2016. We had the antique tractor parade where I got to choose what tractor I wanted to ride on. I rode on an antique Cockshutt tractor with Marie Millar from Stayner. We also got to choose our top 4 coolest looking derby cars. I even drew the winning ticket for the Lion's draw for the new car!! We attended the baby ompetition, we watched the antique tractor pull, and Maureen bought us the best funnel cake I have ever eaten! Then the worst part of the weekend cameā€¦ IT WAS OVER, THE GNE WAS OVER! This was one of the best weekends I had ever had and even though I was sad it was over, I knew there were more awesome things to come.

I attended the 4H banquet as the Junior Ambassador and as a member of the Dairy Club, and I attended the GNE fashion show where I managed to model a lovely pink purse!
The GNE entered a float in 4 Santa Claus Parades this year. Judy Ferguson and her crew decorated the float and did an amazing job. I was honoured to represent the fair on such a beautiful float. Special thanks to all of our drivers for helping out too! Our first parade was in Collingwood and it was a night parade and all of the lights were so nice. Boy was it cold though! Wasaga Beach was next and it was even colder. It got to the point where our smiles were frozen because of how cold it was. Our last two parades were on the same day in December. The Stayner parade was first and the second parade of the day was in Creemore. We did not freeze this time because I was smart enough to bring an electric blanket! I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas season as much as I did!
A new year is here and there are lots more things in store for us as Ambassadors. I am truly looking forward to more fun and have really enjoyed my time as Junior Ambassador thus far. I would like to personally thank all of those volunteers who put so much time and effort into such an incredible event. The work goes on year round and it provides us with a weekend of fun at the GNE from year to year. I would also like to take this time to thank my chaperones Melissa Ferguson, Maureen McLeod, Heather Walker, Jenn McCarl, and Rylee Sampson for making our time so much fun and for taking such good care of us!
The night of the competition I received a gift bag and would like to thank all those sponsors who sponsor the competition each year and give a very big thank you for the gifts that I received! I would also like to thank the judges for taking time out of their busy schedules to come and judge the competition each year.

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I have really enjoyed every minute and am very proud to represent our fair.

All the best in 2017!

Kole Walker
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